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AGS-V1 Map for LS 2015.
Required mods: AnimationMapTrigger, modsBummisMultfrucht

On the farm you have many storage facilities, as well as trigger for seed, fertilizer and refuel.
The Court 2 is slightly further away from the main courtyard, there you have the possibility to potatoes and sugar beets were, as well as in the central courtyard you will also Courtyard 2 trigger for seed, fertilizer and for refueling. Also on Court 2 can itself produce their seeds.
The Tierhof I built next to the main courtyard, where you have a feed store and a warehouse for rye and oat straw. Rye and oat straw you can convert or sell at the normal straw. In addition to the standard animals such as chickens, cows and sheep, there are 3 types of fattening animals. Once a pig, a beef cattle and broiler that you can, if you have enough to sell the butcher in the village.
On the BGA there are 2 silos and silo 4 towers.
The 4 silo towers have a volume of 800000L per each silo works differently.
In order to answer the same question: is there also silo towers for Hächselgut? Yes, there is something!
Post release their sugar beet and sugar herraus gets after some time. That you can store or sell it.
Delivery of barley or wheat, and after a while you get flour, which store you too, or you can sell.
There you will find the shop, AGS flour mill, transport companies and the butcher.
Installed were still a sawmill, a railway station, a factory and a port.
But the more I do not want to reveal.
The sawmill you will also find some shelter for your forestry.
So, enough of the good words, and happy gaming.


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  1. andrew

    how do you harvest the rye and the oats ????

  2. jeremy

    two of the corps dont work try plainting them and nothing but game lag

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