Agroliner HKL Pack

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The vehicle is delivered to you free of charge if ordered in your favorite color for farm equipment dealer of your confidence.
The ITS26 as well as the matching container constructions are available in all colors gänigen.
The control of the ITS26 takes place from the vehicle with the keys M and N
Important: For mounting the container to ITS26 the G button to select, The hollow container can load all LS15 standard fruits and nearly 32 000L
The wooden structure can accommodate up to 5m tree trunks
Chains are hidden by pressing X until you can unload the timber by tilting.
Stay the chains appear the wood can be unloaded only via crane.
The platform structure has the standard restraining function of LS15
But take care with at breakneck not holds this from the centrifugal forces, but in the normal case, no one goes with 50km / h or more at a 90 degree bend


  • Agroliner ITS 26: € 45 500 and 55 € per day maintenance.
  • Dump Container: € 8950 and € 15 per day maintenance.
  • Wood Design: € 5950 and € 11 per day maintenance.
  • Deck construction 5250 € and 11 € entertaining day.

Eifok Team, Werkstattleiter, Saschii

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Farming mods

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