Agrolandxxl V2.5

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Many years of hard work and you have at hand the money needed to start a new life. You have a modern farm with capacity to produce corn, wheat, barley and canola with the best quality. And Around her, planned large fields ready to be cultivated.
Agroland is NeverLand. Here you can find traces of north American, European and farms of any other places. It does not matter. When the fun is the main quest and all that matters, that’s just a detail.
Like all maps that use scripts and extra functions, you need to download the mods necessary for the proper functioning of the map. Download all of them to not have problems on the map.
The design of the fields follows a pattern where all have an area of 800m X 800m exact, totaling 64 Hectares for each plot. It was planed to use the courseplay and MoreRealistic Mod.
The map also has, besides the main farm, 3 other farms scattered around the map for you to stock your production and save your machines.
The vegetation is a bit dry and there is no asphalt. Everything is dirt road. The main fields are surrounded with fences and roads are crossed by horizontal and vertical.
There is only one place to sell their products. Prices are kept by MR script. Initially, you start with a good amount of money for buying some fields. The price of the main fields is high. So you need to work hard to get purchase them.
Only the main farm has more enhanced structure as store, fertilizer and seed station, workshop, site for sale of straw bales, balance…

Main features

  • Large fields for cultivation.
  • Brewery and vegetable oil mill.
  • Total manage products (storage, loading, production of food, beer, oil).
  • Large warehouses to store their machines.
  • Need to buy some plants.
  • In this new version of the map, you can become an investor and put their money in properties in which bring you daily fixed income. The investments include farms at strategic points, brewery, vegetable oil mill, limestone mine and actions in grain marketing company called GreatGrains.

Objects and scripts

  • Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
  • MapSiloBand v2.5.2
  • Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture
  • Gülle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0
  • Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0
  • Waage Mit Statistikfunktion V 3.2.5 Für GE
  • Digitalanzeige Für Silofüllstände V 3.2.0 Für GE
  • Oil-extraction plant v1.0
  • Map Buyable Object v2

Authors: Tiago Piloneto (MoslessNeo)

Thanks to: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, FSM Chefkoch, Bluebaby210, Vanilleeis, LwFarming, Eribus, ThompsonM06, GE-Mapping, NI Modding

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Farming mods

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