Agriculture Extremely V1.2.1

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V1.2.1 New features / changes / fixes
Built @ 24.07.OverloadPipe milk and water
@ 24.07.Brunnen exchanged at the court and integrated Overload Piepe
@ 24.07.Futtertrog in the cowshed Plane Corrects
@ 24.07.Parkender car away for the dairy farm from the bushes
@ 16.07.Faule Bauer file added / no plowing more .. Readme please before carefully reading!
Pigs and cattle fattening 5.0 integrated.
Integrated livestock market 2.0
Mapsiloband renewed for fattening facilities and the cowshed.
Farm silos in the stable Tiefer were posited (floated after complete filling)
All BGA silos were exchanged, the residues problem should no longer be matrimonial.
Cowshed has been changed can be Utilized as a transit for Strohabkippen
Feeding trough of the cows and the beet Schneider were together slightly adjusted.
Biomasseheizkraftwerk revised to Strohabladen only over the terrain accessible and some other things.

About the Map:

  • This map has the standard LS15 fruit varieties!
  • Available The feed store is located on the farm
  • Available are ebenfals the cows, sheep and chickens on the farm!
  • In order to get a loan from the bank or to pay it back you have to go to nächstgelegende village.
  • You can find the crops proposed as follows:
  • Country trade: wheat barley maize rape … potatoes and beets must be load separately.
  • Bakery: Wheat Barley Corn Rape
  • Horticulture: sale of tree seedlings
  • Spinning: wool
  • Old Store 1: Beet
  • Old Store 2: Wheat Barley Corn Rape potato
  • Rail freight: wheat barley rape maize potato turnip
  • Old Mill: wheat barley rape maize
  • Sawmill: Wood
  • CHP: wood chippers / still behind bales of straw and grass adoption

Existing details are:
Road signs
Lanterns go when it gets dark in the village
Functioning Traffic Traffic

There are 14 fields to be farming!
Field No. 01 = 9:58 ha already in possession of / with planting / wheat / field still needs to be fertilized
Field No. 02 = 30.92 ha
Field No. 03 = 8.99 ha already in possession of / with planting / maize / field still needs to be fertilized
Field No. 04 = 5.86 ha already in possession of / with planting / barley / field still needs to be fertilized
Field No. 05 = 27.35 ha already in possession / without plants / field still needs to be Geplügt and firs geholzt
Field No. 06 = 9.14 ha
Field No. 07 = 8.69 ha
Field No. 08 = 7.54 ha
Field No. 09 = 16:37 ha
Field No. 10 = 19:53 ha
Field No. 11 = 21:56 ha
Field No. 12 = 14.61 ha
Field No. 13 = 10:58 ha
Field No. 14 = 12:53 ha

Funky, Beschreibung

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