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The authors scripts / Authors of scripts:
– Sven777b
– Manuel Leithner
– Lech
– Aranea
– Face
– Giants Software
– Lubelski simulator Farms

Model & in game:
Lubelski simulator Farms

Features / Functions:
– Animated belts and drive chains / belts & Animation of driving chains
– Manual Adjustable support / support Manual
– Manual adjustment of the pick-up / Manual adjustment of the pick-up
– Removable side flaps / Removable cover
– Run the tractor increases after starting the PTO / RPM Increases -Tractor after starting the PTO
– Real amination bar / Realistic animation of balls

Niemiałem time or desire her dokączyć and therefore may contain errors such as / I had no time or desire to finish it, and Therefore CONTAIN small bugs dry as:
– No help text (under control) / No Help text (Control butons below)
– A broken gauge / inactive hydraulic pressure gauge
– Several errors model / A few bugs of the model

Control / Controlling:
– N / M – Adjustable support / Manual adjustment of the support
– Up / Page Down – Adjust the pick-up Manual adjustment of the pick-up
– K / L Removing / Removable cover

information for the Polish part of the Farming Simulator, for all others it has no meaning
I think that the press you’ll like, finally long niebyło something new with this type of machine.
The prohibition of changing the link / Prohibition of changing the download link!
If you can convert up to 15 but if nieumiesz and you’re going to do some shit is better to leave it!
If you can convert up to 15 but if you can not and you’re going to do some shit is better to leave it!
Greetings and sorry for bad english / sorry for bad Angielski

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: farming-mods

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