AGCO Rotary Combines v1

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A project that began little more than a year is finally coming to an end, with the publication of the first package of combines!

What is included?

6 Combines:

  • Gleaner A85
  • Challenger 680b
  • Massey Ferguson 9895

9 headers:

  • 6 Dynaflex 9250 draper head
  • 3 8200 Conventiona head


  • Interactive Control
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Passenger seat
  • Interactive Backup Cam
  • Buyable Dual wheels
  • Animated interior
  • Animated Rotating parts
  • Whashable
  • Indoor sounds
  • Indoor huds

Fruits: Wheat, Barley, Corn, Rape

Authors:Model, Texture and ingame: Julian11
Testers: Lindbejb Modding and Rafazr
Scripts: AdditionalBackupCam: Manuel Leithner BuyableTwinWheels: Manuel Leithner Cabsuspension: JoXXer DelayedRotation: LsPrO/TheCoCe indoorSound15: ¿? InteractiveButtons: Manuel Leithner Joystick: NHT9SmartTrax objectAttacher: Geri-G Passenger: JoXXer universalToggleParts: Saty 

How to install Farming simulator 2015 mods:

Please follow the link for detailed instructions

How to install Farming simulator 2013/2015 mods

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Farming mods

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  1. Snakejones

    The duals for the gleaner don’t seem to work. Other then that, sweet mod.

    1. Snakejones

      Duals don’t seem to work on the Gleaner

      1. Farming mods

        So dont use them, it might be old version with bugs. It is always better use sing mods of latest versions, than packs.

  2. Steve

    Having a hard time getting this mod to install? Could someone help? I put the zip file in the mod folder, also tried unzipping it in the mod folder, and also tried creating an unzipped file for it in the mod folder.

    Sorry, im a newb lol Just want my gleaners!

    1. Farming mods

      Unzip this file in your computer and add combines one by one to your mods folder, by the way it is for FS15

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