Heimenkirch v1.3 fs2015

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Heimenkirch is a fictional map that although based on a real name, but does not match the original. The farm is suitable for Medium to small firms. I want to ask you you read the description carefully, because it answers many questions of himself. A big thanks goes to my team, who have tested the map thoroughly and also a big thank you goes to carvone which has a couple of parts turned on the map and thus has inspired me to incorporate a few new features.


Version 1.3
– Added 3 Wishing Well (1 works only)
– New Maize Chopped straw Texture
– New sawmill texture
– Calculated fields prices again
– HA recalculated
– New Barn at Kuhhof
– Hardpoint now works
– Fixed “Not owning fields”
– Icons added to the sliding gates
– BGA Sliding errors have been fixed
– Fixed halls “Missing Text” error
– It can be sold wood in the lake from the sawmill now
– added seed on the farm
– Added Agriculture Mayer

2 sectors
The main courtyard with grain silo, warehouses and a few fields
Farm with cows and chickens, warehouses, silos and shelter options
4 outlets for cereals
3 Large woods
Biogas plant with 1 Keilsilo and 2 silos
Village shop
AI traffic and pedestrians
100 gold coins to be discovered on Wait
Contracting with halls
Hardpoint capable

Technical features
62 Purchasable fields
Map door trigger
Chopped staw mod
Slurry manure mod

grain maize
Kart open

The following mods are needed:
Slurry manure Mod
Chopped staw mod

Who is missing one of these mods, created log errors that can affect the game

It is prohibited:
publish The Road Texture on other maps
publish the map in other forums or website
It is not allowed files to be uploaded again

I ask for your understanding

It is prohibited:
publish The Road Texture on other maps
publish the map in other forums or website
It is not allowed files to be uploaded again

I ask for your understanding
A small final word yet. I would also like to thank those who have made at their videos on meinerMap example. Agromoderni
Wen someone detects an error or have suggestions for improving, he can tell us however and we look then what goes.

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Farming mods

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Author: Ich möchte ein Riesiges Dankeschön an alle Modder aussprechen, die mir ihre Objekte, Scripte oder Texturen zu Verfügung gestellt haben. - Geneborg - bm Modding - vertexdezign - NKB-Modding - Trekkerbodo - EIFOK-TEAM - Steffen30muc - Dutch - FSmodding - freak36558 - AgroStarPowerHD - Patii - TracMax - Baue3rR - Modding-Crew.de - möchtegernbauer - LS-Landtechnik.com - martinbigM500 - modswanted - modding welt - Timber131 - Fatian - Nick98.1 - Johnny//DK-Modding - Deere6800 - AgrofarmChris Wen ich eine Person vergessen habe die ihre arbeit in der Map sieht und nicht in der Credits steht, meldet euch mit uns.

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