4X Starter map v1

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This is a 4X blank starter map created by Robbie and converted by me to a 4X map., It is completely flat and covered in grass texture, all other textures removed for complete editing, this also has the water planes and ocean plane and floor already in, also I have left 1 of every model from Giants game left in the map, and also added a new file with extra i3d files in there, this will be in “newStuff” this is because all the i3d files were deleted from the original map for low mb. All you have to do is select a model and move to designated area “copy the model if more of this model is needed”, also all triggers and animals are still here, you will have to re-create the NavMesh’s, as I have not edited these at all. Please enjoy and have fun even if you are not a mapper, have a go you can’t make a mistake, but you can get experience from playing around in GE, this is where I started 3 years ago, and still love making maps today. And just to now involve with this blank map is the extra paintable foliage that is built into the blank map, so no need to be entering all the material and foilagesublayer files any more, they are already here.

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Author: Base Starter map by Robbie BigRoadPack by Atze1978 - ls-Modding Grass Texture by Richard - LS-Nextgeneration Houses and Buildings by duarn Giants for most objects, map and GE Bushes/Hedges by spider100 Oil barrels by FSmodding Flags by dimre Wall barrier by epic_pryda Food Storage by 1984Fendt936 Wall Pack by FSmodding Roadpack by brzeziolpl MultiAngleTerrain by Petorious Chopped Straw by Webalizer Farm Sheds by NI Modding-alwyn, henly20, rh There is also a couple of other mods I was unable to locate the author for but if you see these mods and you are the author please send me a pm and I will update the credits for these, they are as listed Silo Concrete Mixer Street Light Bus Stop There is also extra Foliage's been added to this map, I have searched for the Author of these foliage's, and even looked at other maps with them also added but still unable to find a author, these are not my mod's and would like the author if he see these to get in touch with me via pm, and I will update my credits straight away to amend this. Big thanks to Giants for game and Editor FS-UK for there awesome site and massive members who are always here to help Robbie for the map edit myself for making it a 4X map FS-UK also for uploading all my creations PS: for all the other addons within the map. Please add the credits for any item that is used within your map upload. This is just a starter map and I will not be held responsible for anyone using it and not crediting the original authors, as this I do find really important to do. Thank you for downloading and hope this save's you's all a lot of time in the making of your new map's. Please do not upload to another site and keep the original link if uploaded elsewhere, as this is not your mod and there are quite a few credits required when uploaded.

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