2010 Ford F-350 V2.0

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2010 Ford F-350 V2.0

Automatic installation exe download:

Zip download

Niceguy’s 2010 Ford F-350 2.0


  • Scaled 20% larger
  • Rebuilt using model directly from Driver San Fransisco
  • Added opening hood
  • All new paint and dirt textures with customizable paint template
  • Added missing trailer attacher type
  • Readjusted sound profiles
  • Added 4 wheel drive
  • Added dynamic mount attacher
  • Adjusted acceleration and braking to match real world stats as close as the game allows me
  • Corrected vehicle info for a 2010 model
  • Added missing schema icons
  • Fixed incorrectly lit front end
  • Changed suspension and vehicle weight to make pulling trailers easier and more stable.
  • Two truck pack for those who want one without the bed hitch.
  • Tested for mac compatibility

To use paint templates:

  1. Unzip folder.
  2. Go into Paintshop folder.
  3. Open template in photoshop or equivelent editor.
  4. Hide dirt layer and select paint layer- paint away.
  5. Hide stencil layer and save as bodyclean.dds file (use dxt5 with no mips).
  6. Show dirt layer and save as bodydirt.dds file.

NOTE1: the files for the 5th wheel truck are bodyclean5w.dds and bodydirt5w.dds

NOTE2: keep the original template as is (dont save changes). instead save as a different file so that you can create a different paint
when you get tired of the current one or make changes to current one.

Niceguy4704- model conversion and editing. UV mapping and paint textures. painting template
Clampit- head beta tester, LUA and XML debugging
dale3887- beta testing
JoeFarmer3- beta testing
DragonLord2007- AllradV4
Geri-G- baleAttacherBTM
Sven777b- Beleuchtung
Manuel Leithner- Washable
Xentro- PlaystandAnim

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Farming mods

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  1. Julian

    Dude its a .exe i have a mac can you make it a .zip

    1. Farming mods

      Sure, now you can download a .zip.

  2. Hunter

    Does it still come white, or is this John Deere paint scheme new or just an example?

  3. Alex Doll

    Hey, I;m not interested in the truck sorry but do you have a link or anything for that old John Deere Tractor and the baler? I’ve been looking for like older John Deere and International Harvester Farmall Tractors.

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