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Mod Installer Mod

With this mod you can easy install or uninstall mods in farming simulator 2015


  • This tool installed and uninstalled mods easily
  • By List view one has a good overview of the mods in its download folder as all other files that do not mods are not be displayed
  • Overview of installed mods
  • At a glance you can see what is behind the Mod Shop as the images are displayed
  • Will not the standard Windwos download folder used, it can be set in the menu and is saved for the next use
  • If the LS15 Mod folder also be outsourced can also search this menu and adjust
  • Detailed view of the mods (price, name, author, etc.)
  • Price and maintenance costs are subject to change in the Datail view


Windwos Vista / 7/8



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