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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the game in windowed (less than full-screen) mode?
Yes. Navigate to C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013 then open the file called game.xml. Find the line containing false and change the word false to the word true.

Is there a way to auto-save the game?
Yes, install this mod

Does the game make backups?
Yes, but only when you save the game. A backup is made for each of the last ten times you have saved a career, ten possible backups for each career. These can be found on a PC at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\savegameBackup The ten saves for career 1 will have the names savegame1_backup1 through savegame1_backup10 with a similar naming convention for career 2, etc. A save will always replace the oldest of the ten files.

Can fields be combined?
Yes, but you must own both the fields. Use the plow to go over the area between the fields that you want to combine. When you attempt to plow the non-field area you will be given the option in the equipment command window (F1) to do it. Trees cannot be removed this way, but dirt roads and grass will disappear when you plow them.

What is the best crop to grow?
For a given area of land, you get more corn than any other product with canola not far behind. Then come barley, wheat, potatoes and sugar beets all producing equal amounts. Since your goal is to get as much income as possible from your crops, you need to look at the prices being offered for them on the prices screen. Prices change at the top of every in-game hour. Since you can only be sure of a price for one hour, when you get a good price sell all of the product you can within an hour, because your selling will make the price drop considerably at the top of the next hour. Waiting for special high demand prices that occur every two or three in-game days is always a good idea.

Prices are also affected by the level of difficulty at which you are playing. The hard level gives the lowest prices ($100 to $500) and the easy level gives the highest.

Why am I unable to plant corn with my seeder?
Only one seeder, the Amazone EDX 6000, can plant corn.

Growth time can be set to slow, medium or fast. What’s the actual time it takes for plants to grow?
Growth time

  • Slow: 2 days 5h20 (ingame), 10h40 real time at x5, 26 minutes at x120
  • Medium: 1 day 2h40 (ingame), 5h20 real time at x5, 13 minutes at x120
  • Fast: 13h20 (ingame), 2h40 real time at x5, 6 minutes at x120

Wither time

  • Slow: 1 day 16h00 (ingame), 08h00 real time at x5, 20 minutes at x120
  • Medium: 20h00 (ingame), 4h00 real time at x5, 10 minutes at x120
  • Fast: 10h00 (ingame), 2h00 real time at x5, 5 minutes at x120

Does it matter whether a plow or a cultivator is used?
For cultivating either will work. The plow is for breaking soil between fields when you want to combine them. A cultivator cannot do that. Using the plow, when you want to create a field, or connect fields, choose the O key to allow it. The O key appears in the command menu accessed with the F1 key when you have the plow connected to your tractor.

The Krone BigX 1000 has a high hitch. What trailers will work with that hitch?
The Emsland, Kroger HKD302 and Krampe 500 will work with a high hitch. If the BigX is without a trailer, it can be operated with a hired worker, then you may drive beside the BigX with a tractor/trailer for collecting the chaff.

Will any trailers hook together to create a chain of them?
Yes, the Krampe Big Body 500 allows chaining trailers.

Can a trailer be too high for a harvester pipe?
Yes. However, the Krampe Big Body 500 and the Gilibert 1800 are low enough for any harvester pipe

How many eggs can appear in the chicken coop and will they spoil?
There are 57 locations in the coop where an egg can appear and they will not spoil or hatch.

How do the wool bales at the sheep pasture work?
As the sheep produce wool, wool bales appear on a wooden pallet on a concrete pad next to the sheep pasture. Each bale will fill gradually, but you won’t be able to see it fill. Don’t assume a bale on the pallet is full. Instead, go by the percentage shown on the sheep information page of your PDA. That percentage tells you how much of a six bale pallet has been produced. 50% is three full bales, 100% is six and that is the limit for one pallet. Remove the six-bale pallet for another pallet to appear. NOTE: You will need a few dozen sheep for wool production to be significant.

What is silage?
Silage is fermented corn or grass cuttings. It’s used to feed cows. It can be placed directly in the open feeding trough at the cow pasture (not the trough under the cow-shed). Silage is created by placing either fresh grass or corn cuttings in the silage bunker, which is the space between the two long concrete walls at the cow pasture. Then it is compressed by rolling over the pile of cuttings with your tractor. If you have filled the silage bunker to at least 10% of capacity (shown in the F1 window) and have compressed that material 100% (also shown in the F1 window), you will be able to put a blanket over the pile. The blanketed pile will ferment (percentage shown in F1 window). When fermentation is complete, the blanket will disappear leaving the silage available for removal with a front loader. GOTCHA: it’s possible to accidentally leave a tiny amount of silage in a bunker, so little that it can’t be seen. This tiny leftover amount will prevent you from placing more grass in the bunker to make more silage. The trick is to run all the way through the apparently empty bunker with your front loader bucket down to scrape up the last little bit of invisible silage. As you pass through the bunker, if you grab that little bit left, you will see it register on your amount carried by the frontloader.

How is productivity determined for cows?
Productivity comes from what you provide to the cows at the troughs. Straw (at the cow-shed trough) will give 10%, fresh grass cuttings (at either trough) will give an additional 34%, silage (at the unsheltered trough) will give an additional 36%. All of these together will give 80% productivity. To get the final 20% to get you to 100% productivity, you must mix hay, straw and silage in a mixer.

Guide by clif9710


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  1. harry spedding

    I have recently bought the game and I am able to get onto the game but I cannot start a career? Please help…

  2. Gary

    you must save a map after you play it first for it to come back up as a career

  3. matheus

    How do i drive a tractor, which keys should i use and how u get it?

  4. Sexyblond216

    What does the construction thing mean? 2nd What is the meaning with the eggs in the backpack?

  5. Austin Blackmore

    Hi, how do you remove bushes?

    1. Farming mods

      maybe this will help

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